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Unlocking the Secrets to Building a $10 Million+ Business


Building a successful business is no easy feat. It takes dedication, hard work, and a sprinkle of luck to achieve extraordinary results. In fact, only 0.4% of businesses reach the coveted $10 million mark in annual sales, leaving the vast majority struggling to break through the million-dollar threshold. But, fear not! In this article, we will delve into the secrets of successful entrepreneurs who have crossed the $10 million milestone and beyond.

The Ingredients of Success

While there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success, there are two key factors that play a vital role in creating a $10 million+ business: the entrepreneur and the opportunity vehicle they pursue. The mindset, skills, and beliefs of the entrepreneur are crucial in determining their trajectory. Let's explore each of these components in detail.

1. Mastering the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship is not just about launching a business; it's about embodying a set of skills and beliefs that foster success. Successful entrepreneurs possess a unique blend of hard and soft skills, which enable them to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Hard skills, such as technical expertise, can be learned and fine-tuned. However, it is the soft skills, like people skills and emotional intelligence, that truly set exceptional entrepreneurs apart.

The importance of soft skills cannot be overstated. They influence an entrepreneur's success and influence within an organization. Being able to build strong relationships, communicate effectively, and inspire others are essential qualities that drive growth. These skills may be more challenging to measure than hard skills, but they are equally trainable.

Moreover, beliefs play a crucial role in an entrepreneur's accomplishments. Limiting beliefs can hinder one's potential, while empowering beliefs can unleash unprecedented success. For example, an entrepreneur who believed they didn't deserve to have an app unless they were the winner was held back until they changed this limiting belief. Recognizing the power of beliefs and actively questioning and up-leveling them is a critical step on the path to success.

2. Identifying the Right Opportunity Vehicle

Equally important as the entrepreneurial mindset is the opportunity vehicle pursued. Successful entrepreneurs recognize the importance of identifying new opportunity vehicles and leveraging their skills to increase value. They also understand the concept of leverage, which refers to the difference between what is put in and what is gained.

There are four types of leverage that entrepreneurs can tap into:

  1. Collaboration: Working with a team and establishing strategic partnerships.
  2. Capital: Utilizing other people's money for investment and growth.
  3. Code: Leveraging software or technology to automate and scale.
  4. Content: Creating valuable content with broad reach to generate income.

By leveraging one or more of these types of leverage, entrepreneurs can greatly enhance their chances of success. For example, working with a team allows for the pooling of diverse skills and talents, while utilizing capital enables faster growth and expansion. Similarly, leveraging code and content can increase reach and generate passive income streams.

It's worth noting that achieving all four types of leverage is not a prerequisite for success. High leverage in any one area can still lead to great results. As the old saying goes, "Work on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses."

Real-Life Examples and Success Stories

To further illustrate these concepts, let's dive into the real-life experiences and stories shared by successful entrepreneurs.

1. The Trajectory of Increasing Leverage

The speaker, who has started multiple businesses that have crossed the $10 million mark, shared their personal trajectory of increasing leverage. They started as an employee, became self-employed, employed others, and eventually created content for licensing, leading to higher levels of income. This journey showcases the power of leveraging skills and recognizing new opportunity vehicles.

The speaker's story highlights the importance of continuously seeking higher leverage opportunities and reevaluating beliefs. Success is not a destination—it is a journey of constant growth and evolution.

2. Acquiring Businesses and Maximizing Resources

Another entrepreneur discussed their approach to buying companies and attracting businesses using content and capital. Their strategy revolves around leveraging resources and time to achieve financial goals.

By acquiring businesses, entrepreneurs can tap into existing assets, customer bases, and operational expertise. The key lies in identifying undervalued opportunities and bringing resources to bear, resulting in improved financial performance.

3. The Journey to Nine Figures a Month

For some entrepreneurs, the goal is not just $10 million in annual sales but reaching nine figures a month in revenue. The path to such extraordinary success may seem daunting, but it is within reach.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of sticking with a chosen path for a significant period, accumulating expertise, and unlocking leverage multipliers. By combining personal or industry experience with the right industry choice, individuals can achieve greater success when starting a new venture.

4. Overcoming "Ignorance Debt" through Continuous Learning

Entrepreneurship requires continuous learning and development. The concept of "ignorance debt" is introduced as a cost of not investing in skills and knowledge. Successful entrepreneurs understand the need to continually invest in oneself to overcome these limitations and seize opportunities.

The speaker highlights the value of education and the ability to apply acquired skills in various situations. Acquiring new skills can provide ongoing returns that compound over time, leading to exponential growth in income and opportunities.

The importance of combining capital with know-how in business acquisitions is also emphasized. This approach allows for more favorable valuations and higher margins of safety.

The Art of Selling and Gaining an Edge

Successful entrepreneurs understand the power of effective selling and its impact on their financial growth. Let's explore the key takeaways related to sales and gaining a competitive edge.

1. The Power of Sales Skills

Sales skills are a crucial component of achieving financial success. Without sales, no money can be made, regardless of other factors. Recognizing this, entrepreneurs should invest time in acquiring exceptional sales skills.

The speaker claims to have the best sales training on the internet, condensing ten years of experience into one hour. The training offers valuable insights and knowledge that can significantly elevate an entrepreneur's salesmanship.

2. Going Beyond Natural Talents

Natural talent can give entrepreneurs an initial advantage, but it is not the sole determinant of success. Working harder and putting in more effort than others can bridge the talent gap. Embracing the concept of "Mosey Nation," which involves putting in two to four times the effort of others, can make success more achievable.

By emulating the work ethic of successful individuals and surpassing their level of commitment, entrepreneurs can compensate for any potential talent deficiencies.

3. Developing Baseline Skills

Developing and upgrading baseline skills is essential for professional growth. By identifying the skills they need to acquire and learning from those who have already mastered them, entrepreneurs can reach new heights.

Moreover, entrepreneurs should embrace a growth mindset and adopt a long-term perspective. It's important to find joy in the process of continual learning and improvement, rather than obsessing over specific outcomes.

Building a Business for the Long Haul

Building a successful business requires more than just financial success—it requires a long-term mindset and strategic vision. Let's explore the insights related to longevity and sustainable growth.

1. Focus on the Game, Not Just the Business

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that, as they climb higher in business, the functions of all businesses become similar. Marketing, sales, product development, customer support, finance, and legal services are universal elements. Therefore, it is crucial to find a game or industry that encourages continuous learning and growth.

2. Mastering Multiple Roles

Staying in the same game or industry for a longer period allows individuals to gain more experience and achieve better results. Many individuals quit industries when they actually dislike specific functions of their job. By identifying roles they enjoy more, individuals can shift their attention towards those areas and fill other roles with competent people.

3. The Power of Persistence

Persistence is key in entrepreneurship. It is essential to persevere and continue giving, even when faced with frustration or doubts. Most people stop giving before they have the chance to achieve significant success. By maintaining dedication and consistency, entrepreneurs can unlock their fullest potential.

4. Separating Personal Identity from Business

Separating personal identity from business success is critical for long-term entrepreneurship. By viewing the business as a separate entity, decisions can be made based on its best interests. This mindset allows for adaptation and growth regardless of the specific business venture.

5. The Infinite Mindset

Adopting an infinite mindset is crucial in entrepreneurial pursuits. Rather than focusing on short-term wins and specific goals, the game becomes about continuous play and personal growth. By embracing the infinite game, entrepreneurs can navigate the ups and downs of business with resilience and adaptability.


Building a $10 million+ business is a challenging endeavor, but armed with the right mindset, skills, and opportunities, entrepreneurs can unlock unprecedented success. The journey starts by mastering the entrepreneurial mindset, questioning and up-leveling beliefs, and identifying new opportunity vehicles. Harnessing the power of leverage and continuous learning opens the door to exponential growth. Along the way, sales skills, perseverance, and a long-term perspective become invaluable assets.

Remember, success in entrepreneurship is not just about the destination—it's about enjoying the game, continually growing, and embracing the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. So, embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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